My Essential Oil Protocol for Treating MS Naturally!

my mri

The last few posts I’ve been focusing on causes and treatments of several autoimmune diseases. Today, I want to focus on using eos to treat MS. As most of you know, I’ve had Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis for well over a decade. Above is an MRI picture of one of my first scans. On the left side you can see a cluster of lesions. Further down this post is another scan taken many years later. You can see a LOT more lesions in my brain in that one. These are just examples of lesions on the brain in MS patients for those who aren’t very familiar. But at any rate, let’s get to down business. What eos do I use in treating MS?

Some of you may not agree with what I’m about to say. That’s ok. This post is about my research, and what I’ve done to treat this terrible disease. One of the things I personally don’t do is try to boost the immune system when treating autoimmune diseases. Let me explain. Autoimmune diseases are VERY inflammatory in nature. One of the things you need to understand in dealing with any autoimmune disease is this: because you have an autoimmune disease does NOT mean you do not have an immune system. Your immune system is the same as a healthy person, and in many cases working over time and stronger than the regular person. The problem comes in because your immune system is not behaving the way it should. It’s attacking your body instead of attacking invaders. So due to my research, I believe stimulating the immune system is only going to add to the inflammation, and NOT correct the issue of getting your immune system to function the way nature intended.

Traditional medicine doesn’t treat the underlying cause of diseases, most of us know that. The first thing any of the prescription medications you get for MS are going to do is suppress your immune system. I’ve personally been on Tysabri, Betaseron, Avonex, Copaxone and Rebif. As I’ve worked with doctors over the years, I’ve come to understand why they treat MS this way. According to doctors, they “aren’t sure why MS causes the immune system to attack the body. So the only thing we have is to suppress the immune system severely until we are able to figure out why it does this.” In short, your immune system still works, it’s just misdirected. The answer to this is NOT treating the immune system, but the REASON to why it’s doing something nature never intended for it to do. So if I don’t work on boosting the immune system, then what do I do? Easy.

I begin by treating the Candida. Which, as we’ve discussed in several posts now is the underlying CAUSE of MS. Now, please do not misunderstand what I’m saying. I know there are a lot of symptoms with MS and you do need to treat them. You are treating them from a relief stand point and NOT a fixing or curing stand point. There is a difference. While treating the Candida, you will find many other issues that are contributing, such as heavy metals and general toxicity overload, will be helped. One of the first eos I use in Candida and MS is Peppermint. Peppermint works great on taking care of fungal infections, particularly Candida.

my mri2

I personally use several different oils throughout the day. In the mornings, I use eos like En-ER-Gee, Awaken, and Motivation. Fatigue is an ongoing issue with MS sufferers. These oils have great properties to help get you going during the day. I would like to note one thing here. Because fatigue is such an issue to MS sufferers, and because as your central nervous system gets more and more damaged, MS patients have a hard time regulating their sleep and awake cycles. Many MS patients find it almost impossible to be awake during the day, yet find it equally as difficult to be asleep at night. This is not uncommon. While I do NOT like recommending any over the counter or prescription medications, in this case I make a small exception. While you are trying to heal yourself of this disease, you need to make sure you are getting the proper rest during the right time of day. You simply can not heal your body effectively when you’re sleep deprived. I used to use an over the counter sleep aid, such as the Equate Sleep Aid gels. Also, you should use Ruta-Vala and Peace and Calming, Lavender, and Cedarwood at night to aid in restful deep sleep. The intent here is to eventually get to a point where you can sleep well at night and not need an over the counter pill to help you. By using the oils, it will make your transition much easier. I do not recommend prescription sleep aids as they ARE addictive and habit forming. This will help you to, for lack of a better term, force your body to be asleep when it is supposed to be. So if you use a sleep aid, and the above mentioned oils in the morning, you are regulating your body for your body, because it can’t right now. Within a few days, you will feel like a new person just from doing this! Its amazing what such a simple thing can do!

Now, on to the next thing. We’ve already covered extensively diet in treating this disease. For that post you can click HERE. Diet is a big part in healing this, as with any issue. You cannot continue to eat McDonald’s everyday and expect to get better. I’m just saying! So, we won’t go into that here. Two of my favorite oils, especially in treating the symptoms of MS, are Frankincense and Valor. Frankincense works wonders on MS because it’s stimulating to the brain, an organ that is most often affected by MS. Valor is so helpful with MS because it is grounding. Depression and issues like that are very common side effects of MS. Valor helps you to smile from within. And regardless of the disease you’re facing, if you can smile inside, you’re half way there. Feeling at peace and happy is a HUGE part of dealing with any health issue.

Oh, and I want to take another side bar here. As we discuss the use of eos in treating MS, let me point out how VITAL massage is in treating MS. If you have lesions on your spinal cord, which are the lesions that lead to the loss of mobility quickest, you MUST utilize massage and the Raindrop Technique. Massage is so important because it stimulates nerve endings, increases oxygen and blood flow, and is very relaxing. Daily massage is very important. If you don’t have someone who can administer, or you can’t afford regular massages, give them to yourself. You can sit or lay down and rub your legs and feet on your own. You can rub your arms to stimulate nerve endings. You can use brushes with long handles for helping massage your own body. Even just the effort, whether you’re very successful at first or not, will do wonders. Don’t give up, and give it a try!

Ok, back to our topic. I’m sorry everyone, I have the attention span of a goldfish and am VERY easily distracted by shiny objects. So when I think of something, I have to get on it right away or it’s gone. Ok, we’ve covered oils in the morning, oils to help you sleep. Now, let’s talk about oils to treat the MS and Candida.

EOS that are recommended for treating MS and Candida are: juniper, wintergreen, frankincense, rosemary, basil, helichrysm, peppermint, thyme, marjoram, pan away, valor, aroma siez, acceptance, awaken, melaleuca, blue cypress, lemongrass, lavender, mountain savory, melissa, melrose, thieves, purifcation, patchouli, and tagetes. (Tagetes is not available through Young Living, but I include it here because of it’s GREAT anti-parasitic qualities. In Africa, with a 5% dillution, it is used to kill maggots in open wounds. Do NOT get me started on my feelings of maggots! However, my point is that it is really good for killing fungus and parasites.) Is that enough oils? I’ve given you a LOT of choices here.  As I’ve mentioned before, in the case of oils such as helichrysm, that are expensive, for many people that alone can eliminate this oil from their treatment plan. When using an oil that is pricy like helichrysm, I recommend using it in a custom blend. This way you are still able to get the benefits of this wonderful oil, without using it in large quantities making it cost prohibitive.

A good example of what I’m talking about is in an MS recipe you can make yourself. The MS recipe is as follows: 2 drops helichrysm, 4 drops wintergreen, 4 drops rosemary, 2 drops basil. When using this blend, focus on applying it to affected areas of the body, Vita Flex Points, or Chakras. Incorporate this recipe into your Raindrop technique. If you decide to use these oils in your Raindrop Technique, there are modifications that need to be made.

For customizing your Raindrop, you need to start with Valor, Oregano and Thyme. For extra antiviral effect, add Mountain Savory. The rest of the oils that are usually used, such as basil, wintergreen, marjoram, or cypress can be omitted or replaced by any of the oils I mentioned above. You want to use oils in this part that are disease specific. Application with substituted oils in a custom Raindrop is still the same as with any Raindrop practice.

I also, recommend using a few oils for several days. Do not use too many different oils too close together as you can cause allergies, confuse the body, etc. Use half a dozen or less oils for at least a week. Monitor reactions, good and bad from each group of oils. As you try different oils you will be able to determine which oils are more beneficial than other oils. Whatever oils you use, I recommend diffusing the antiviral or antiparasitic ones as well as utilizing topical application. If you aren’t sure what oils to use for the largest impact, I recommend doing muscle testing on the affected individual. Let their body tell you what oils they need to get over the MS and Candida that is particular to them. Remember, you are treating a VERY clever fungus. But it IS treatable!

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